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Winter Wellness

Winter evening. 🍵 Aubergine tortelloni in a vegetable stock. Served with grated parmigiana.

Keep your Kidneys and Adrenals warm with some good rest, warm food and enough layers especially in the winter. Warm teas with fresh ginger (eg Chai), Vitamin C and lemon juice in warm water also help to support our immunity by reducing acidity and inflammation in the body.

You can place the palms of your hands on your back to bring warmth and with intention, also bring warmth to meridian point, GV4 (Governing Vessel 4) known as The Gate of Vitality which is located in the midpoint on the back and level with the waist. I see it as the pilot light of the body. (Photo of GV4 - circled in red on model, Mr Yin Yang).

When you bring warmth to the Kidneys, the whole body begins to feel more at ease. The vital organs (Heart, Lungs, Liver and Spleen) and functions (oxgenation, heart rate, blood circulation, digestion, immune function and lymphatic system) are also supported, bringing rest and relaxation to body, mind and spirit.

Then with slow deep breaths, we can improve our physiology. Pause and have a rest when your body needs it. Taking a slow breath in and a long, sustained breath out reduces our heart rate and blood pressure and supports a calmer physiological state overall. Breathing like this, with no striving also decreases the production of stress hormones like cortisol and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, regulates emotions, decreases anxiety, and improves mood.

Take good care this Winter, friends ❤️

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