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These Times

24 March 2020: What a strange time we are all living in and experiencing right now. Who could have foreseen that our lives would alter in such a short space of time and so suddenly?


Yes, my body went into a bit of a shock and I felt heartbroken when I realised that some of the things that I had been planning for this year weren't happening. I wouldn't be able to travel to the USA in May to connect with my Shiatsu Shin Tai colleagues. I was also sad and frustrated that I wouldn't be able to see one of my sisters and her two daughters who were all going to be in Pennslyvania for my niece's graduation from university. (Sadly, my sister's husband and their father died suddenly around new year and we in the family have all been feeling this so strongly. It is core connections right down to our ancestral bones and the grief that I have been feeling for them is very deep). 

When the shock of the situation hit me, I found myself eating more chocolate and drinking more wine than usual and noticing everyone on edge, in the stair, on the streets and in the food shops.

I also feel that the Earth is grieving and in turn, we are being called or asked to look spiritually inwards. This is food for our work. 


How to work? I have been trying to be cautious but cautious, sensible, present and grounded. Right now we are witnessing a heightened situation of global anxiety, Corona aside. So I try to be in touch with my core: physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually and always remembering to return to my body (sensing the spine, my arms and legs, and feeling my feet touching the ground). 

I have been feeling a certain vibrational frequency these past few months and right now, it seems like we are on the precipice of something. This is an opportunity for us to engage in meditative work and find our real alignment. 

A few days ago, I began to feel quite free, like the pressure was suddenly lifted: no need to rush around and feel that one needs to get things done or "achieve" something. 

I have been using this time for quietness, meditation, reaching out to people and finding a way to tell friends and family that I love them and that I am thinking about them. Keeping things simple. Trying to just "Be". I am also learning to be patient and let go of wanting things to happen in a way that suits me. 

Perhaps this is the moment that Contemplatives have been working for and anyone who has been following a spiritual practice? By this, I do not mean that we want to see such suffering from illness and every aspect of our society stretched, anxious and not knowing what the future holds. But we are lucky, we know how to tap in to a higher resonance. Everything that we have been trying all these years is helpful in moments like these.

The other day, I came across a livestream from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. He said that we are at the intersection between timely and timeless. 


This week, I joined a live Zumba class from a professional yoga and flute teacher from Brooklyn, NYC. That was great fun. I have been Zooming with family and friends far and wide. I also attended a Qi Gong (Chi Kung) class this evening.

There is also television: been catching up on some dramas like "The Detectorists" and "This Country". I just discovered “Last Tango in Halifax”. Great cast: Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid and Nicola Walker. What’s not to like. There are five seasons and I think I will have time to watch them.

There is grief but we will come out stronger. We will have to rethink how we live our lives, how we treat Mother Earth and everyone. This is a moment of respite. 

We are all facing this crisis together at the same time. We are learning true global solidarity and humility. 

Now is the time and opportunity for Earth to rest and for us to sigh and take in a deep breath. I feel and believe that in the end, we will all come out of this stronger as a community: learning, sharing and helping each other more. We are already doing these things. What disasters in our personal lives have we endured before and survived? 

I hope that you are eating well, sleeping well and finding time to do the things that you wouldn't normally have time for. 

Strength to you all. Keep well and stay safe.

Much love ❤️

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