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Shiatsu brings awareness

I love Shiatsu.

A client said to me: "Relaxation, ease and harmony dictate how my health is. These Shiatsu sessions reset my system."

After the treatment, he said: "I feel my whole body has been activated. It's wonderful."

As practitioners, we learn how to see, observe, diagnose, sense and treat. There is an awareness of someone's state the moment they walk through the door into the treatment room. How do they seem today? Restful, at ease, restless or stressed?

Shiatsu encourages the receiver (and practitioner) to drop in to the futon, just for a moment and soften.

Sometimes we have a conscious intention to bring balance and encourage ease in the body.

However, deep transformational healing work can occur when, without any intention or thought or pre-thought, we follow what our client presents and support them in the moment.

Beyond theory and training: Be present as a practitioner, no matter what is happening in your life or your client's life.

Self-care practices (eg meditation, proprioceptive exercises, Qi Gong) are essential. They help us learn presence of being: in our personal lives and as practitioners.

They also teach us how to stop, wherever we are and turn our attention to simply noticing what is here, with compassion and curiosity.

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