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April Diary

4 April: I left my flat at 5.45pm and walked to nearby Brighton Park in Portobello, Edinburgh. The street is quiet. I take a few photos along the way and a video of me running away from someone who is coughing loudly. At 5.50pm, all is quiet in the park except for the sound of buses on Brighton Place.

Today feels like a layer of grief and sadness has been lifted. I was meditating earlier and I felt Earth’s heart. In the park, I felt Earth saying, “Thank you.” Joy and sadness. Joy at the sound of Spring: birds and a palpable sense of hope that we are entering a new phase of existence. Sadness at the irony of being enclosed indoors during a time of renewal. Feeling my feet on the ground. Grateful for this moment. And I love old trees, they have seen a lot. I miss London's Hampstead Heath. At 6.00pm, the clock from the Catholic church chimed. It was very touching. Awaken, it seemed to say, we are being called to tune in to our inner being, a new tempo. 🙏

19 April: Being by the sea today. Seeing a notice for a lost cat and then art in the street (everyone needs a Totoro in their life).

30 April: Impressions from being outdoors: Little reminders everywhere about our place here on earth - walking on the beach and feeling the soft sand shifting under my feet, art expressing love, a neighbourly message to Smile to each other on the stair, and life cycling past and carrying on under the stars.It is a real tonic having moments of quiet and sensing one’s being: sensing my body and my limbs and noticing how I am feeling. My teacher used to say, “The fact that you see is more important than what you see.” Know thyself. This is about simply noticing and accepting. There is nothing to understand. And then it becomes more possible to receive what helps our body, mind and spirit and to find our true alignment.

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