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  • Dawn Oei

After the same tree

There is a Tao practice that works with the energy of trees. The past year has been challenging on the emotional front. I have had to let go of wondering what it was I did or did not do that might have led to this. In London recently, I went to Hampstead Heath and came across a huge oak tree. I touched the bark of the tree and said, “Please help me get through this. I have been in so much pain.” A few moments later, a woman in a red scarf walked towards the tree, smiled at me and said, “Are we after the same tree?” I smiled and said, “this is a very special tree, isn’t it?” She replied, “This tree can heal our souls and it takes in all our pain.” She sat down, leaned her back against the tree while I stood by the tree in quiet meditation. Afterwards, we talked about health, illness and healing. Her name was Maria. She said that she had been unwell for many years and just about managed to find enough strength to walk up to the Heath that day. Life is so precious. I think of friends who have been struggling with illness in recent months.

My priority this year is forgiveness and finding authenticity in everything that I do; in my work, how I give Shiatsu treatments, how I interact with people and spending time with people who genuinely feel empathy and respect other people. This feels urgent. It is a challenge everyday to be real. I can only try.

Hampstead Heath

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