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Being in practice

Recently, we were asked to share our thoughts about being a Shiatsu practitioner at a Sharing Space Discussion organised by Shiatsu Society UK:

Advice that has stayed with me as a Shiatsu practitioner:

"People come to us for our vitality". These words shone a light.

How we are in life affects how we are when we give Shiatsu and vice versa. Self-care and personal development are key. If I am exhausted physically, mentally or emotionally, it will affect how I work. If I am comfortable in my being and in my body, and able to hold the space, I will be a more effective practitioner.

One thing I would pass on to someone who is new to Shiatsu practice: 

Be kind towards yourself. Take time to get enough rest when you need it. Success is not about giving 30-40 treatments a week. Success is how I am in myself. Am I working in an honest and authentic way? Am I present during a treatment?

Take the time to develop your sense of the work and awareness of: how you are connecting with your client during each treatment, your quality of touch, your approach and use of techniques.

I am always discovering new ways of working and refining my felt sense of a technique. Shiatsu is being present to each situation no matter how many times you have treated a client. When we see our clients with kindness and compassion from our hearts, the healing has already begun. 

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